Run TakeawayEat in your town or city from just £6000!

The food delivery industry is expected to grow to over £200 billion pounds by 2025, and the largest players are taking the largest slice of the pie. You are here because you want to enter that industry, and we can help! Over the last year, our developers and business experts developed a platform and business toolkit to help you start a Franchise partnership with TakeawayEat. 

We decided to use a franchise model because our mission to fight against the ideals of the mega corporations dominating the space and help you and your community thrive. 

Please read the Takeaway Eat franchise brochure and our prospectus below for further information on setting up your own business with the leading technology in the industry.

What we offer?

Business Support

Takeaway Eat provides a complete business kit for invoices, professional contracts, business policies and payment processing on your behalf.

100% Technical Support Done 

We manage the website, back-end systems for you, so you only have to worry about your business and making money. The Takeaway Eat Support Team is available 24/7 to support your business and resolve any issues you may have.

Market Support

We coordinate regional and national marketing campaigns to increase the customer and restaurant awareness of Takeaway Eat and our family of franchise brands. We also help you manage local media campaigns.

How It Works?

Business Model

The Takeaway Eat Franchise model has been developed by industry experts whose primary goal is to combat the mega corporations attempting to drain our country of its hard earned money. We have worked hard to keep you and your communities at the center of attention during the development process and will continue to do so throughout our partnership.


Franchisees receive their very own branded website and mobile applications for Google Android and Apple iOS devices. A web-based business dashboard is included with our franchisee package allowing you to operate your business effectively and to provide the best service for your customers and restaurants. All of your restaurants you get on board also get an mobile management app to run their business on the go!


Your food delivery service can go live as soon as your local restaurants join the family and you hire drivers. Once live, there is no set amount for how much you can earn. Our dashboard lets you keep track of your business’ daily progress and demonstrates the acceleration of its growth into what could be a multi-million-pound company.

What you do?

The success of your franchise depends on the amount and quality of work you perform. Generally, your franchise will be responsible for expansion and management of Takeaway Eat services offered in your area. This includes Restaurant sales, Contact maintenance, and Driver Hiring.

Restaurant Sales

A successful franchise needs to be proactively recruiting restaurants to join the Takeaway Eat family. A contracted restaurant is a restaurant that has agreed to participate in either the food delivery or pickup system. Once a restaurant in your service area is contracted, you will earn commission on a per order basis!

Contract Maintenance

Once a restaurant has contracted with TakeawayEat, your franchise will serve as the primary contact point for general customer support and service.

Driver Management

You are the owner of your own business, and as such can make any hiring or employee policy decisions you wish. Our driver management system will help you with order management and scheduling, and our business kit will include a recommended employment contract – but you will retain full control.

How you Earn?

Constant Growth

The sky is the limit for your potential earnings. The more restaurants in your area that contract for service, and the more sales they make, the more you stand to make.

Unlimited Potential

There is no limit to how much money you can make with Takeaway Eat Franchise. Each order and restaurant you sign up increases your earning potential and takes you one step closer to becoming bigger than Just Eat!

The Results Speak for Themselves

There are many real-world examples of businesses who have earned millions and even billions in the online food ordering industry. For example, Uber Eats revenue in 2020 was an eye-watering £4,200,000,000! In this sector there is very little competition and that’s good for generating serious revenue.

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