At Takeaway Eat we treat our onboarded customers, restaurants and takeaways as if they were our own family and provide our services as if that were the case. We strive to provide a high quality and value for money service that is constantly improved with the feedback we receive from our customers. 


Takeaway Eat provides many core services which we believe are value for money and that are a cut above the rest of its competitors. We provide services that allow you to sell your products and demonstrate them with pictures, descriptions, and other features that set Takeaway Eat apart others. 


Having an edge on your competitors such as being able to upload photographs of your food and allow clients to see them means they know what they are getting and when people are hungry, they are much more likely to buy when seeing mouth-watering food that is attractive to your customers. 


Takeaway Eat’s mission is to provide a service level which excels its competitors by providing features that help you sell to your customers in a way that is not just professional but is more likely to result in a sale and a higher transaction value. Its end goal is to serve you and the customer and benefit both in every single transaction. 


Takeaway Eats attractive easy to use developed applications are designed to ensure that the customer, restaurant, or takeaway has an easy-to-use streamlined service that is fast and efficient. The applications for the customers are designed to get the customer as soon as reasonable possible to the checkout and make it simple for the client to understand and physically see what they are buying with pictures and descriptions of the food. The systems are designed to invite customers to a return to the applications and make further purchases at later dates and to constantly use our applications due to its simple and easy to use simple design that is informative and graphical pleasing.